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Here are a few fun links to some great sites. It's also a BIG THANK YOU to many of the people who made this site possible. Please check them out. If you check them out often enough I can start charging them an advertising fee! Now we're talking.

CYber SYtes, Inc.
These folks are the geniuses behind the creation of this site. They have top-quality programmers who are filled with great ideas. They're fun and easy to work with and they always provide the goods! If you need help getting your web site built check them out first! They created my plate spinning game! That should be enough of a testament to how cool they are!

KISS FM Morning Show -
"The New 92 KISS FM features a morning duo (Paul Peterson & Melissa Forman) every morning, Monday thru Friday, 5:30am - 10:00am. This is a pretty large station with high listenership and they were kind enough to select my little site as a 'Cool Comedy Link' I'm more than happy to give them a plug. Listen to them every day. I know I do (wink!)."

  Renar Studios
David Renar is a great entertainment photographer, a talented web designer, and a whiz at desktop publishing! He took most of the photos used for this site and over the years has helped me with many different projects. His fine efforts always bring me more work. If you need head shots, brochures, cover pages for your script treatments, or anything else�he's the man to call.

John "Jazzy" Adams
John is a great guy and a fantastic cartoonist and caricature artist. He's responsible for all of the cartoons featured here. I hope to feature his comic talents regularly. He's promised to give an exclusive strip for my loyal viewers. I can't wait! If you need his services as a cartoonist or caricature artist for any event you can e-mail him at [email protected]

Our House and the Winter Area Chamber of Commerce
Winter, Wisconsin is a tiny little town in the north woods. It has very few residents but very many fun things to do! My sister and brother-in-law run a very successful antique and craft store up there called Our House. They make THE BEST craft items you've ever seen! I loathe crafts and I think their stuff is fantastic. My sister will never admit to this being very humble and insecure but they've actually started more trends in the craft industry than most crafters have ever followed. There's a web site devoted to all the activities in Winter and you should visit there soon!

Kartoon Kingdom
This is the best place to track down cartoon and TV memorabilia. It's a great store and has been kind enough to be the perfect entertainer's 'day job' for yours truly. They have a huge selection of Betty Boop, Snoopy, the Simpsons, Scooby Doo, and much more. It's a cartoon store for grown-ups! Their web site is still under construction but you can go to the store yourself. They're located at 440 Golf Mill Center, in Niles, Illinois. Call 847-824-2423 or e-mail them at [email protected]

Ringling Bros. Clown College Online Community
Andy If you are one of the very few who attended this school for higher hilarity you can join the community and reminisce. Not much goes on here except a lot of story telling about being on the show, so prepare to feel like you've got nothing to contribute. But every now and then you get a heads-up on great opportunities and auditions. It's also a great place to track down old friends, share ideas, and laugh at our bizarre pasts. There's talk of a Clown College reunion in January of 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check it out and don't miss the fun.

Penguin Place
I don't really know why penguins fascinate me so much. I guess they're funny. At Penguin Place you can find all sorts of cool penguin stuff. If you're like me, you'll love it! And if you ARE like me...get help!

Essential Entertainer's Workshop
This is a MASSIVE site filled with  valuable information for the
performer and the people who want to hire them.  I highly recommend this
site if you're looking for a fantastic tool to help find an entertainer
or a way to market yourself.

Andy Martello
Las Vegas Comic Juggler

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