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Here are a few great links to some of my favorite cigar related web sites. Be very careful! If you're a cigar lover and already spend too much money on cigars, finding new sites and hanging with cigar people will only increase your frenzied passion for cigars. It's contagious. Tread with caution.


Cigar Clubs
There are several cool online cigar clubs in the cyber world. Most of these places feature bulletin boards and some cigar discussion. Some have games, contests, and great information on sales. Mostly these clubs are filled with people who love cigars and enjoy relaxing with other cigar smokers. Okay, they're filled with lovable jerks! Being involved with these types of clubs is a great way to meet people with similar interests and share a few cigars. Many clubs plan 'real world' activities such as herfs, trades, & raffles. These clubs are a heck of a lot of fun and I suggest you check them out.

The Village Idiots
This is a great bunch of cigar smokers! When you're an Idiot you are among the most generous and friendly people on Earth. This group formed as an outgrowth of the JR Cigar Bulletin Board and has now split into TWO separate bands of Idiots. While there's more fooling around than cigar talk in their hallowed halls, you're never without a good time. My collection of cigars has grown tremendously since joining and it's mostly from trading cigars! If you're looking for a close-knit group of cigar smokers to share your stogies with the Village Idiots are for you. I'm including the link for the branch of the Idiots that I'm affiliated with. You can check out the other half on your own time. You do need to be nominated into the group so it helps if you've traded or herfed (smoked) with other cigar smokers in the group. I'm trying to get these guys to start a trial membership or browsing program so you can get a better idea of what the place is like. I hope to see you there soon.

The MBCL's
Another fine cigar group with many crossover members from various groups. This site has the most comprehensive set of links to cigar-related bulletin boards and sites. While I don't like the layout of their own personal bulletin board, I do enjoy all of the MANY features of the site. It's a very well organized site with games, links, several bulletin boards, and much more. There are no membership requirements so anyone can join the fun. Click the link to check them out. �

Places to Buy Cigars
There are thousands of online cigar shops out there. Most of them are no better than buying from your local tobacconist. The prices are outrageous! They hope you're not an educated smoker I guess. Here are a few of the BEST places to get real value from your cigar purchases. Once again these folks aren't paying for any advertising (yet!) so you know that I genuinely believe in their services.

JR Cigars
The POWERHOUSE cigar seller of the world! These folks specialize in pissing off every other cigar retailer in the world by charging fair prices for their cigars. JR is the biggest cigar seller anywhere. They sell close to a million cigars every day. With high-volume buying and a knack for snatching up closeouts they can offer the lowest prices on the planet! Try getting your Montecristos for a better price anywhere else and you'll see what I mean. The site also features several bulletin boards, online specials, secure payment options, accessories, a chat room, and much more. They don't carry the Don Martello Cigar Smoker's Journal yet but with your help I'm sure that will change!

JR has the biggest selection of cigars anywhere. However, there are some brands that they don't carry. If you absolutely have to shop elsewhere, may I suggest�

Smokin Penguin The Fujipub List
This is a MASSIVE list of cigar retailers provided by the Fuji Publishing Group. The list is sent to you weekly and has hundreds of great vendors to choose from. Looking through the list can be quite a daunting task and truthfully most of the 'specials' aren't so special. However, if you know what you're looking for and take the time to search the list you will find some fantastic bargains. Check out the Fujipub site and sign up for their weekly listing of cigar specials.

Cigar Price Comparisons
This is a great program created by a fellow Village Idiot. This will give you a great resource for finding the BEST price available for your favorite cigars. It's truly a God-send for a cigar smoker. Thanks, midas!

Other Cool Links
These are just for fun. You get some great insights and links to other great sites here.

Keep your cigars fresh with a cigar humidor.


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